This certified Smart Grid Meter (SGM) is designed for particularly demanding measuring points and it measures large electrical loads with high-class precision.
For power producers, consumers and distributors:

  • Distribution and transportation networks
  • Wind Generators
  • Photovoltaic
  • Thermal Power
  • Hydraulic Power
  • Conventional Energy Generators
  • Industry
  • Commercial
  • Cities and Offices
  • Smart Homes

SGM can also be used as a hybrid smart meter that provides not only high precision billing data, but additionally power quality data class A. It also offers interfaces and protocols for your SCADA system applications. With thousands of possibilities, we can customise every SGM to match your individual grid and installation requirements. From hardware, communication to firmware and functionality settings and of course your corporate branding, we customise your individual solution.

How we do that? By producing 100% in Germany and independently. This gives us full control over every step in the production process and over the quality control of our products. And that is important, because good quality means durability and data security.

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