The Smart Grid Meter (SGM) is the new generation of the proven high-precision meter LZQJ. We have developed it specifically for the smart grid of the future. Combining proven precision metering technology with innovative new features, the meter offers not only accurate billing data collection and DLMS high security, but also the best options for monitoring and controlling the smart grids of the future. The SGM offers all the features for generators, transport and distribution networks and their customers from industry and commerce. The SGM has the following features and capabilities:

  • Comprehensive data collection: The new meter enables, among other things, the recording of energy values, minimum, average and maximum values and instantaneous values in the grid.
  • Precise and reliable: This meter incorporates EMH metering’s decades of experience in high-precision special meters. The SGM T and D measures with precision class B (class 1 according to EN 50470-3) or A (class 2 according to EN 50470-3) according to MID. The SGM S with class 1 and class 0,5S and the SGM P with class 0,2S and 0,1S.
  • Itegrated Power Quality Analyser class A according to IEC 61000-4-30
  • Event detection and recording
  • Control of the grids: The SGM allows monitoring and control of the grids and supports this through various protocol languages.
  • Long-lasting: The selection of high-quality components and the proven “Made in Germany” manufacturing enable a device life cycle of 20 years.
  • Flexible communication: The meter has up to 5 independently usable data interfaces. The communication modules already known from the LZQJ-XC can also be used in the SGM and connected or exchanged at any time, even under voltage (GSM/GPRS/LTE, Ethernet, etc.).
  • IP classified: The SGM complies with protection class IP 54. This means we optimally protected it against damage caused by dust, splash water and contact, even in industrial locations.
  • High data security: The meter supports the highest standards of data security. The encryption and authentication procedures meet the DLMS high-level security standard.
  • Safety: The SGM fully complies with the new product safety standards according to IEC62052-31.
  • Remote update: New firmware or optimised functions can easily be installed remotely. Using a fallback function, old firmware versions can be saved until the new firmware has been implemented successfully.
  • Easy updates thanks to firmware separation: Because of the separation of the metering part from the application part in the firmware of the meter (according to Welmec Guide 7.2 – Extension S: Software Separation), the meter does not need to be re-certified if the application part is changed.
  • User friendly: The SGM is easy to configure. The user can easily access and visualise data.
  • Error-free installations: The SGM software tool provides installation controls to ensure error-free installations.
  • Modern appearance: The meter has a fresh design with lasered nameplates.

Download Data sheet SGM – DT
Download Data sheet SGM – SP
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EU Declaration of Conformity

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